The Ly's

The name came from Emi”ly” and Kel”ly” who performed with me the first show.  Pronounced L-Y’s which later became the Ly’s (pronounced “lies”).  I like a good woman behind me hyping me and singing back up and allowing me to take breaks during dances.  What started off as tricked friends became art school kids to actual musicians to whoever was willing to get in the suit and show up.  These ones who came on tour did alot of heavy loading and unloading, ate vegan, danced with all they’re might and looked amazing in spandex.

O'bese “E"

Status: Retired 2004

We grew up together.  Her mom would buy us Dairy Queen Blizzards.  She’s not a performer she’s a copy store owner.  I said would you please get in this outfit and make me hype me in front of a audience.  She said “yes.”  She performed with me proably 3 times and was in the first music video “Gold Pants"

DJ Dr. Laura

Status: Retired 2008

Dj Dr. Laura Became the Gold Standard for all the who followed her.  With no performence training she natrally brought a new form of cool and style to the stage.  She went on to form her own fashion line and we await her return.

Klassy "K"

Status: Retired 2005

She’s a visual artist and could dance in a blazer like a businessman on payday.  Not smiling was the harderst for her because she loved the excitement.  Her most famous moment was getting kicked out of a show for being to awesome.


Status: Active

She started as a sales woman for the merchindice table, watching and soaking in the best moves and high notes. She because the longest running member of the band and would later form her own.


Statues: Snooze

She was a quick fill in, who told us when to sleep, eat and wake up.  Yet the stage called to her.  She was a natural at performing one minute and prop management the next.  Her swiss army knife like stills made her a performnce knock out.

Grazie *Retired

Status: Retired

I saw her on stage with another band behind a drum kit and wanted her for my own.  I courted her and wrapped her drums in pink and swept her off to tour.  She only came out for one tour but she was my first live insterment player and started a trend that will live on forever.


Statues: Active

There is no other.  He could drum, he could lift, he could charm.  When we sought out a new drummer I would have never guessed a hairy man born in Altoona would do the trick.  He would later book our shows and stretched out his costumes in ways mother never designed for.  But when he smacked the drums ya’ body pays attention.

Kate Kennedy

Status: Snooze

She was playing horn for another band and she can fiddle with a guitar quiite well.   We had her play bass for a few shows.  She decided to take her gifts to a well paying engineering job so we lost her.  However we continue to as and once in a while will take up the call.  No promo photos were ever taken of her.  She is always to busy.


Statues: Retired

She took the tour job to kill some time before she’d move away and get married to a hunk.  She was the merchendice table person for part of the show then would run back and hit the finale with the spark of 1,000 fireworks.  You could only see her arms on stage because her beauty was to much for the audience.

Lil Ravioli

Statues: Retired

When she was brought on tour she had never performed before.  But it was like releaseing a flamingo from cage cause she started stomping and crushed with her beauty.  Currently in many other musical projects.  But we had her first.


Statues: Unknown

We got lucky to nab her as she is well known for her own solo projects.  She started with lots of questions and ened up building, loading and carrying every show she was apart of. She brought a major voice talent and game on additue.

Sassy Cassy

Statues: Refuses

Forced by blood to fill in where needed.   She prefers jobs with no costumes or stage prescense but once in a while she’s been forced into a suit.